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Monday, April 17, 2006


I have read two articles The Spyware - Click-Fraud Connection -- and Yahoo's Role Revisited., and How Yahoo Funds Spyware by Benjamin Edelman.

Both articles cover PPC click fraud by Yahoo. That’s a very serious allegation. If you are involved in advertising through PPC campaign it is a must read for you. I have tried similar tests with MIVA (formerly FindWhat) and Kanoodle and I am convinced that they have similar problems.

If you have similar experience with Miva or Kanoodle post your information.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Trying to sell security software on the net

50% off any security software price*.

Limited time offer. Ends April 15th, 2006

  1. If you decide to buy any security software or movie/game/music download membership by April 15th, 2006 we send you a cheque or pay you via PayPal 50% of the purchase price*. That's right, we pay you ½ of the purchase price*. It is 50% off on top of any discounts offered by software providers*.
  2. Print your purchase receipt and this discount announcement.
  3. After 8 weeks from the purchase date, send purchase receipt and this discount announcement with your name and return address or your PayPal account information to PC Safe World
  4. You have 4 weeks to send us both, purchase receipt and this discount announcement. We would NOT issue a refund on any purchase after 12 weeks have passed from the purchase date. Please note that we can refund ONLY people or businesses identified on purchase receipt. No exception from these simple requirements.
  5. Once we receive your purchase receipt and this discount announcement within time frame described above, we will refund the purchaser (as per purchase receipt) with ½ of purchase price* by ground mail (at no cost to you) or via PayPal secure deposit (costs you $3.00). You can request Express, FedEx, or other tracked mail services. For costs of such services please contact us here PC Safe World

How it is possible?

We believe in safe and secure computing and we are more than glad to pass on you our affiliate and volume discounts.

Why should you have to wait 8 weeks for your refund?

Most of the software providers have their return policy active for 6 to 8 weeks. To prevent unscrupulous people from claming full refund and this 50% discount offer, we have to check every sale against any return claims before sending your money to you.

Why should you send to us this discount announcement/offer together with purchase receipt?

Since this discount is NOT a permanent offer and will be changed or void at any time soon, we require you to print and send it to us in order to validate the refund process.